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I was wanting to evaluate Linq to LLBLGen but there was no working example code anywhere including here: LLBLGen Example projects nor was there any example of a enquiry/search screen with conditional filtering with even the normal LLBLGen query API. The only one I could find was in Joseph Chancellor's book. I come across an example of Dynamic Predicate Construction with LINQ to SQL on code project here: LINQ and Dynamic Predicate Construction at Run-time. I decided to combine the two.

AdventureWorks links:

Other AdventureWorks samples:

AdventureWorks Inheritance Hierarchies

Target Per Entity (Table Per Type - TPT)
Sales and Individual descend from Customer.
Target Per Entity Hierarchy (Table Per Hierarchy - TPH)
PurchaseOrderHistory, SalesOrderHistory and WorkOrderHistory descend from TransactionHistory with a TransactionType as the discriminator column, TransactionHistory is abstract.

Northwind Samples:

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