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LLBLGen Entity Explorer

An application that lets you explore, browse and edit the data in a database via the mapped LLBLGen Pro entities.

Specify the path to the Lower Level Business Logic generated assemblies and then the connection information for the databases you wish to browse.


The UI consists of two parts, at the top is the configuration, and below that there is a tab for every database specified, the tab contains an Entity Explorer Control.


There is a ClickOnce Installation for LLBL V4.2 here or to download LLBL V4.2 and V5.0 XCOPY zip files go to the release page for LLBLGen Entity Explorer V1.0


Linq Meta Data Assembly Path - Path to a LLBL generated assembly containing an ILinqMetaData implementation, path can be relative the the EXE or to the starting directory.

Adapter Assembly Path - Path to a LLBL generated assembly containing an Adapter implementation, if there are more than one adapter, e.g. one each for Oracle and SQL Server, include both paths separated by a semicolon. Upon specifying the  Linq Meta Data Assembly above it will attempt to fill in the adapter assembly if they are in the same directory.

The other setup options are the defaults for the Entity Explorer tabs and can be overridden in each tab, to set all the tabs back to the defaults press ‘Reload’.

To add a connection click ‘Add’ or right click anywhere in the application to bring up a menu to do so. The connection dialog is a standard Visual Studio database connection dialog.

The connection/tab name can be edited in a separate dialog.

The configuration and connections are saved on application shutdown to the applications config file.


Is as described here: Entity Explorer Control


  • Add loading and saving of config files to swap between different LLBL assemblies
  • Shadow load LLBL asemblies so they dont become locked
  • Others as described here:  Entity Explorer Control


Formerly known as the LLBLGen Entity Browser.

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