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Entity Explorer Control

A User Control that lets you explore, browse and edit the data in a database via the mapped LLBLGen Pro entities.
It consists of 2 panels: a schema tree view similar to LINQPad, and a GridDataEditor showing the entities of the selected type.

Fig 1. Using the Entity Explore to view all the AddressType entities in an AdventureWorks DB.


It is used in the LLBLGen Entity Explorer.
It is one of the LINQPad Custom Visualizers  bundled with the LLBLGen Pro Driver for LINQPad and and is launched from LINQPad with this command:


Examples of other uses are in the Northwind.Win Exe and in the AW.Win Exe

The full class name for the the User Control is: AW.Winforms.Helpers.LLBL.UsrCntrlEntityExplorer.


The various options are configurable in the toolbar below the schema tree view. The Grid options can also be set in the GridDataEditor itself.

Schema Options

  • UseSchema - Use Table Schema to group the Entities.
  • PrefixDelimiter - Table Prefix Delimiter to group Entities by (e.g. with a delimiter of _ table Sales_Order would grouped into a node called Sales).

Grid Options

  • EnsureFilteringEnabled - Specifies whether filtering is enabled in the grid, even if the underlying collection doesn't support it.
  • PageSize – The number of rows per page in the grid. Zero to turn paging off.
  • CascadeDeletes - Deletes cascade non-recursively to children of the selected entity.

Entity Lifetime Options

  • CacheDurationInSeconds - Specifies the duration that the query's result set should be cached for. Zero to turn caching off.
  • UseContext – Specifies whether a Context/Data Scope is used for entity fetches, if true then entities will remain dirty until saved or reverted, i.e. the entity stays in memory and will be reused even if re-fetched.


  • CommandTimeOut - The timeout value (in seconds) to use with the ADO.NET data fetching.


  • Make data fetching asynchronous, or, at least, not block the UI thread.
  • Add a HierarchyEditor for displaying and editing Adjacency List(self referencing) entities.
  • Add a refresh function to reload the grid from the DB while preserving paging and filtering.

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