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window that opens via ShowHierarchyInTree seems to need new icons + tooltips for 'expand all' and 'collapse all' items?


I LOVE this extension. I'm super impressed and only wish I had found it and started using it earlier. :)
The tiniest of little things I've noticed (no functional problem) is the last 2 items in the tool strip (bottom-left corner of window opened by ShowHierarchyInTree) seem to have the generic icon and tooltips. Clicking on them makes it pretty clear that they're expand all / collapse all, though. :)
I took sshots of both, but this work item creation interface is only allowing me to attach one file, so it's the collapse one, but it applies to both, of course. :)
On a semi-related note, the resulting tree has the root at the bottom of the tree view (left pane) which threw me off at first, since AFAIK the 'convention' is for the root of a tree to be displayed at the top (like windows explorer, for instance).
Thanks for such an awesome tool!

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JezzaT wrote Nov 23, 2011 at 9:14 AM

Great to hear you like the Hierarchy Editor so much.

I fixed the expand all / collapse all button in the source but I'm not sure what you mean about the root of the tree, if you look at the screen shot here the root is at the top.

BTW There are a lot of improvements I'd like to make to this including adding it to this including

Thanks for the feedback!

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