I have created an enumerable Debugger Visualizer for Visual Studio that displays any registered IEnumerable object in a datagridview.



Download AW.EnumerableVisualizer.dll(VS2008) or AW.EnumerableVisualizer.dll(VS2010) or AW.EnumerableVisualizer.dll(VS2012)  then copy it to either of the debugger visualizers directories: How to: Install a Visualizer

Source code

  1. Repository code is downloadable from the source code tab though I recommend using TortoiseSVN for the getting the source from the repository.
  2. Build the solution AW.DebugVisualizers.sln
  3. If you have ILMerge installed run MergeAndDeploy.Bat after doing a Release build
    If not run DebugDeploy.bat which copies AW.DebugVisualizers.dll, AW.Helper.dll, AW.Winforms.Helpers.dll, Dynamic.dll and ObjectListView.dll to %userprofile%\My Documents\Visual Studio 2008(or 2010)\Visualizers


Unfortunately you can't register a debugger visualizer for interfaces so every IEnumerable class must registered individually. The list of classes that are currently registered can be seen in the file VisualizerRegistrations.cs, you can easily add more.


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