Project Description

The worked example in Joseph Chancellor’s book Rapid C# Windows Development which uses LLBLGen Pro to connect to the Adventure Works sample database.
It also contains an Enumerable Debugger Visualizer, some LINQPad Extensions and Tools and a few Controls.

The book, published in February 2006 about 'Quickly Build Robust, Database-Driven Applications', along with the code is a great introduction into performing common tasks in Database-Driven Applications, however it was written with version 1.X of LLBLGen Pro so I have updated it to work with the later versions (2.6, 3.0 and 3.1). At the same time I wanted to use this code as a starting point for evaluating LINQ To LLBLGen so I have converted all of the queries to use LINQ (but kept the originals for comparison).

Book source code details

Additional controls and tools contained in this project

To do

  • Finish the employee organization structure editor (FrmOrganizationStructure).
  • Improve the paging in the LINQPad DataEditor.

Acknowledgements, credits and attributions


Thanks to Joseph Chancellor for writing the book and making the code available for this project

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